Dirt cheap is a stupid saying

Nothing cheap about it!

Why do people say “cheap as dirt” or “dirt cheap?”  Does this saying get it’s origin from having a dirt floor and being dirt poor?  Where did the saying dirt cheap come from?  ‘Cause guess what???  Dirt isn’t cheap!!  Have you gotten dirt lately? A.K.A. Clean fill?  It is unbelievable the price these companies charge for DIRT!  I am still in a state of hyperventilating disbelief.  My husband took care of the dirt ordering process and the only thing I had to do was sign on the dotted line of dirt robbery when the dump truck driver arrived.  Only I didn’t know the outrageous price I was signing for.  I didn’t know what I was in for when dump truck driver unloaded the goods on our lawn and hobbled over to me wearing a toothless grin and an outstretched clipboard with a pen for me to approve the transaction. Nonchalantly I took the clipboard and scanned for the signature spot.  Signature line found but EERRRK…eyes backing up to the price…eyes now bugging out of my head…throat becoming tight. Choke.  $400+ bucks for a small order of DIRT!!!!  Cough, gasp, seize.  Dirt, brown mud making dirt, was costing me more than an order of groceries.  Grabbing my cell I quickly checked the price with my hubby.  Not that I didn’t trust dump truck driver but surely there had to be a mistake, right?  Right?  No.  Nope. Nada. Not a chance.  Dump truck driver was right on the money and I was about to face plant into my expensive new dirt.   Numbly I signed for the brown gold and dump truck driver was on his way smiling and scratching as he went.  I was left immobile, eyes scanning my pile of earth while a single thought circulated in my half conscious brain…dirt cheap is a stupid saying!


2 responses to “Dirt cheap is a stupid saying

  1. hahaha. My boyfriend and I always make jokes because this African beauty salon had a sign up a few weeks ago that read “Dirt Cheap Wigs!”

  2. LOL they were probably hundreds of $$$ then!!

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