Sometimes the screams are a part of the fun.

I have always been amazed at how different my kids are.  They came from the same gene playground yet are entirely different.  It is fun to watch the various reactions they each have to the same event.  Not to worry, I’m not Pavlov and they are not dogs.  I don’t plan to conduct any freaky experiments here – just observations. 

For example we recently went to a park for some family time and I couldn’t help but notice two very different responses to the same event.  Our youngest wanted to ride across the hand bar, slider thing.  First he asked his big brother to hoist him up and give a little push.  Compliant big brother responded to the task at hand and put the little dude in place complete with the requested “little” push…..

Big brother stood by patiently until the little guy was finished.  He yelled for big bro to get him down which the big guy did quickly and effortlessly….

Some time passed and the little guy decided he wanted to take another spin on the hand glider.  Big bro was gone.  So he called out to his big sister to hoist him up.  With a creative twinkle in her eyes she lifted him to the hand bars…..

And gave him a push…. 
And a push…. 
and yet another generous push….At this point he began to scream and wail for the ride to stop.  He was ready to come down and asked to be removed from the ride. 
But the ride operator was no where ready to end the fun and continued to slide her prey across the rail as he screamed in protest.  It rather reminded me of a cat playing with a wounded rodent.                                          
She was having more fun than her little brother.  She smiled and laughed with each running push and was not about to end the experience just yet.


The grand finale push, which sent the little dude’s legs sprawling in mid air accompanied with equally terrifying screams caused me to pause from my National Geographic photo capturing and intervene (better late than never).  All was well and no parties were injured in the filming of this event.  In fact when the little guy was permitted to dismount from the rail he was actually laughing and giggling but very thankful to be able to touch the ground again.  I will remember these two very different scenarios for quite sometime and the fact that sometimes the screams are a part of the fun!!

3 responses to “Sometimes the screams are a part of the fun.

  1. I have three kids who are also from the same gene playground but are completely different kids altogether. They all have different personalities and will react completely different to the same situation. Sometimes this has been difficult but it has also made for some great entertainment! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Beth, good to see you have posted again and are having more fun with the story than the safety of the child. HA! Your blog always makes me smile. I decided to do one of my own so for now have killed off some of those alzheimer cells — technology isn’t always easy for me but I keep at it. Please check it out sometime at
    Mary Mouser

    • Hey Mary, Great site! Glad to see you have joined the blogosphere. I look forward to seeing all of your cool photos. I still haven’t gotten a new lens…someday soon hopefully. For now, I just manage with what I have. Thanks for stopping by! Talk soon.

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