The light up night that almost was

Light up night, oh light up night.  We came so close to seeing you on this unusually warm November evening.  I busted out the hat and camera and was all set to capture some photographic beauty.  But something went awry.  Let me give you a hint.

“This car is too small! Can’t we take two cars?! We are packed in here! I hate this car!! He’s touching me! He’s fat!  Retard!! I want to take two cars!! I can’t buckle up in this car.  We’re crunched back here.  This is terrible.  You stink! I smell like freakin’ gas!!! Move over! It’s no fair we’re squashed!”

The hubs and I gave several warnings of a potential turn around.  These warnings went unheeded as the attitudes and verbal complaints continued.  Then I heard the exasperated words “That’s it, I’m done.  We’re going home!” as the hubs turned the car around.  Our cramped 5 seater vehicle carrying the loud wails of protest  was headed toward home. 

Sometimes you just gotta do what you threaten!

2 responses to “The light up night that almost was

  1. Yes, you did good! Parenting is a tough job, but someone’s ……

  2. …gotta do it!!! LOL

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