It’s a blur but I’m sane

Everyone was in bed.  The house was quiet.  I was semi-alone and I loved it.  But rather than exercise my brain or do something productive like laundry, I plopped myself down on the couch.  The couch is in front of the TV.  The remote lives on the couch and before I knew it, the remote was in my hand and I was existing in the time sucking world of TV where seconds magically morph into hours.   This is a dangerous place late at night especially with the DVR full of unwatched shows.

I am not a big TV viewer like my male counterpart but I do like my brain candy.  I was all prepared to have my eyes glaze over, my mouth relax in the open position and veg on some brain candy when I stumbled upon something. 

TLC….TLC Extreme Couponing episode.  I had never watched this show before but I was suddenly curious.  Coupons seem like a waste of precious time and chasing deals  that are over priced, filled with restrictions and basically non-existent.  And then there is always the cashier lady to deal with.  Usually old and irritable, she inspects each coupon thoroughly looking for any defect so she can rasp “this is NO good!” But by watching these individuals get incredible savings I became inspired. 

Inspired by the deals not the psychosis that some of the individuals displayed!  Have you watched that episode?  Toilet paper was described by one of the coupon clippers as “My pride and joy!”  [someone requires intervention time

Let’s face it, some of those people need HELP…the institutional kind with pharmaceutical therapy, group time and professionals in long white coats writing frantically on clipboards.

So while I have no intention of going off the psychological deep end, I will devote some time to clipping coupons.  I have already started and it is surprisingly challenging.  My head is spinning and I have a gazillion flyers and coupons scattered all over the place.   I even key-napped my husband’s car keys to load him up with the recent reward cards obtained from the various stores.  So when you see the bulge in his pocket, don’t comment.  Resist the “Are you happy to see me or is that....” remark please.  Look away!

The stuff deals are made of


So send me some love and let me know the inside tips.  What has worked for you?  How do you survive the world of coupons.  Holla to Carrie who has already helped me a lot!!

2 responses to “It’s a blur but I’m sane

  1. Sorry to say Beth I don’t clip coupons 😦 I probably should but the thought of sitting down and organizing the coupons and then pulling them out while shopping : yikes! I do however know my prices and I section my shopping in 3 trips: Target for most dry-good groceries, Giant Eagle to supplement what Target does not have, a meat farm where they sell their livestock (all hormone free) and lastly when in season I only buy local produce from local farms (but don’t do that in the winter)…My shopping day is usually a whole day adventure because I shop as above, but I do think I save money this way (???) lol….who knows really. With the gas prices going up…well, that’s a whole other battle.

    • UGH I know! It’s crazy. I’ll let you know how it goes. I smiled yesterday as I watched an elderly lady shopping with her coupons. No, actually, I stalked her while she shopped. This ancient one was on her game and had it down! I was impressed with her system and ease at which she operated up and down the isles. I’m going to give it a try and hope that it gets easier in time because now it is rather confusing and time consuming. Email me the meat farm you utilize and their prices. Do they sell chicken? I have one but like to keep a few on hand.

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