Motherhood: it’s spelled that way for a reason

My son, dos, recently watched a show about gangs, their history and the hand signs they use.  This, of course, caused a fascination with gang hand signs and he began to throw down the bloods, crips and west side like a true gang member.  The throw down occurred in the privacy of our four walls so I did not feel any need to prevent the charades.  Plus it doesn’t help matters that certain family members appear to amuse themselves with gang signs.

Mr. Pavlov and my cuz throwin' down some version of West Side.

Of course dos’s throw down preoccupation did not escape the all observing eye of tres.  Like the sponge that he is, he utilized his super absorbent powers to perfect each sign.

The next day while uno, dos, tres and I were waking through a city parking lot, tres decided he would throw down to random people.  He began with the sign for the bloods and continued with whatever signs for who knows how long before uno spotted the finger action.  Then the scenario went something like this:

Uno “Stop that you’re going to get us killed!”

Tres ignores the request  and continues throwing down

Uno “MOM, make him stop!  You can’t throw signs in public!  You will get us shot! They kill over those signs”

Tres persists with the [now] over exaggerated hand signs while giggling and effectively dodging her grasp   

Uno: a slew of insulting adjectives then “MAAAUUM, he won’t stop!  Stop it NOW!” looking at dos “See what you did…help me get him!

Screaming and wails ensue as dos joins in pursuit of tres, who is quickly caught and overpowered. 

Tres “waaaaha, oowww, let me go!  MOM, help me….pleeeeasee, oh pleeaase…for the love of God, help me!”

Tres agrees (in the spirit of anatomical preservation) to stop throwing down and the older two release him from the death grip.  They prolong the event longer than my distracted nerves permit and argue back and forth…each one trying to get in the final word.  I believe there was blame, anger, insults, shoving and maybe a death threat or two….

Welcome to my hood.

15 responses to “Motherhood: it’s spelled that way for a reason

  1. Haha sounds like the kinda stuff my mom hadda deal with. Kudos for a job well done! 😀

  2. I think all mothers are gang leaders in their own hood. Minimize the casualities and call it a good day 🙂 Thanks for visiting! I’ll be over to see you soon.

  3. Sounds like we live in the same hood! Great site. I love some of your blogroll sites – great choices.

  4. This is brilliant! Reading this was funny because I can see it happening so clearly, haha! Good stuff. 🙂

  5. I love it! That’s hilarious. You described this scene so perfectly I can just picture them going at it like that. “You can’t throw signs in public.” Ha!

    • Thanka! It was an event in which I chose to be partially zoned out on twitter (I’m still attempting to learn that beast) and let them work it out for themselves. I was head down, phone focused and laughing.

  6. Where do you live?

    • The gang capital of the world….NOT. PA. It’s not quite as rural as Montana so I guess their overly cautious fear of flashing signs was only half laughable!

  7. I just heard about your blog. You have talent! I loved this! It’s not often that a blogger can capture something so clearly. I can actually see this happening in my mind. I don’t have a blog yet but maybe soon I will and you can read it. Great work!

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  9. Oh, how funny! And it’s true. All mothers are gang leaders in a way. Thanks for a fun post.

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