Only a boy…..

…would put a suction cup on his forehead AFTER it made a similar mark on his chest! No doubt this branding will last for several days.  I just couldn’t resist this posting and I apologize to my Facebook and Twitter friends who have already viewed the physical work of art.

The boy who branded


A close-up of the suction cup hickey

Some may say that girls have engaged in suction cup play as well.  This is true.  My daughter created the exact same masterpiece, unbelievably in the exact same spot, when she was this age.  The key difference is after leaving that one mark on her face she never repeated the creative act. 

The third eye is the second mark that my boy, Dos here created.  The first was on his chest.  WHY would you repeat the act? And of all places ON YOUR FACE?

In addition to the child now having a self-created target smack in the middle of his forehead for all of his classmate to slap, hit, or poke, we are going to conduct a little experiment.  We are going to see what it may be like for an individual who has a permanent facial birth mark (thank-you Lynn for the idea).  Thus, I am parading him and his third eye in the most populated areas I can find…and of course Wal-Mart, the location where all of mother earth gathers.  I will post updates but I suspect that other than learning  it’s not wise to place a suction cup on your face, my boy will receive valuable insight and empathy for those with permanent markings during his temporary time of branding. 

Don’t worry – I won’t emotionally ruin him.  I actually prevented emotional ruin by stopping my daughter, who was in route to his forehead with her entire cosmetic ensemble.  I had images of foundation running down his face as he sweated profusely during PE class.  Somehow I believe that running foundation would damage his social life more than the suction cup hickey.  

True to the testosterone surging through his veins, he is owning the mark and wearing it proudly. Yet, I highly doubt that this boy will permit a suction cup (and if I have my way, all future females) to give him a hickey again!

19 responses to “Only a boy…..

  1. Oh my … boys. Nuff said (with a big smile).

  2. Hahah! My son did the same thing. I think it is a right of passage. Funny.

  3. Oh my…I remember giving myself a “hickey” by sucking on my upper arm when I was a kid…I never did it again! I hope your boy’s mark is history soon (agreed on the makeup, although it was nice of his sister to try to help!)…


  4. Oh my goodness, boys boys boys! Haha!

  5. There is a massage acupuncture thing called cupping where they put suction cups on your back to clear your aura of stuff. I tried to hide it from my husband and was unsuccessful. His question: How much did you pay for someone to do that?

  6. lol so funny! nice blog btw

  7. My son did this with a suction device meant to remove all air from an open wine bottle before resealing.

    Only he applied it to his face, too. More than once. Yep.

    Gotta love our boys.

    • Ah, yes. I’m glad that my boy is not alone in this act of questionable intelligence. I find myself just shaking my head at some of the things these boys do….especially this one! Sounds like it is common boy ground.

  8. Boys can be so silly! This reminds me of the time that my brother stuck a toilet plunger to the floor and when he pulled it up, it shot up into his face and he knocked out his two front teeth. Thankfully, they were his baby teeth!

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