I go to NYC and return a versatile blogger

It seems that while I was on the road again attempting to survive in NYC (there is a Bronx zoo fugitive Cobra on the loose people!) I was nominated for a blogger award.  I owe Captain Obvious at Devastating the Obvious a word of thanks for this nomination so go on over to http://josiahblacksblog.wordpress.com and show the man some serious love.  His blog is like Wikipedia on steroids.  You won’t be disappointed.

Now for the rules because incase you haven’t figured out by now, everything in our world has rules.

  1. Share 7 things about yourself
  2. Pass the award along to other deserving blog recipients
  3. Link the award to the recipients

7 things about me, myself and I (if you’ve been around here for my posts you may already know some of these):

  1. I am a hopeless night owl.  I have tried to reform but my biorhythms are genetically altered for the night.  I abhor the mornings and now have come to accept that I always will.
  2. I am addicted to Tea…not just any cup of tea made any ‘ol way.  It has to be perfect and I have perfected my own cup of happiness.
  3. I am an oral hygiene freak. No tea stains here 🙂
  4. I intentionally got myself thrown off of a jury (don’t judge it was going to be 12 weeks of service!!)
  5. I love foreign languages and can read and write in Hebrew
  6. I’m a book nerd and would rather read than almost anything else, including eating which is a close second.
  7. I am dangerously impulsive

Share the award with other blogs and link to the recipients:

  1. Fairly Candid – A photographer who gives interesting narrations of her subjects.  It’s better than people watching!!
  2. The Gerichs Ohana – A cute blog that leaves you smiling thanks to little Sydney and her awesome mom captured photos. 
  3. The Purvis Tribe – A truly versatile blog with a little bit of everything…photographs, design, parenthood, humanitarian efforts.
  4. La Vida Dulce – as her intro states, this girl truly knows how to savor the sweet things in life one cup at a time and I enjoy reading these caffeinated posts!
  5. The O show – Capturing the reality of life via video, amazing pictures and stories.  

Now, I’m slighty traumatized from my recent NYC bodily fluid bus trip so if I missed anyone that I should have mentioned please don’t hate.  I’m sure you incredible bloggers out there have received many of these awards so it’s all good right?!?

I hope you enjoy these above blogs as much as I have.


11 responses to “I go to NYC and return a versatile blogger

  1. That’s not the only accolade you’ve garnered. Check my site for today’s PTP post 🙂

  2. Welcome back! I’m glad y’all didn’t get eaten by a tweeting snake (http://nydn.us/hLjSbQ). The bodily fluids bus trip? Ew. The twitpics? Fun!

  3. Welcome home! I was “versatile” this week too! We have #2, #4 and #6 in common…

    I’ll enjoy checking out your nominees!


  4. Wow, thanks for the perk! Now what do I do? How do I get that little green award on my website? Got a big project due by midnight tonight and one day off before kids get home Thursday so will see if I can get this done. If I can’t, thank you much! Can’t wait to hear some travel stories from your trip.

    • You’re welcome! Just copy and paste the award and then to do the link (to the blogs you nominate) clink on the chain icon in the editing tools when typing your post and then simply type in the blog’s address. No hurry to get this done. I know the feeling. There are days I am barely treading around here!!!

  5. Thank you! I’m honored to be mentioned (even though its taken me a week to respond!) I look forward to passing the honor forward!

    I read The O Show as well! SHe is just lovely isn’t she?

    As far as your NYC trip…I was nodding my head al the way…and our husbands must be a lot alike. I was SO EXCITED to bring him home an I(heart)NYC t-shirt (having always wanted one myself). He was gracious but not ecstatic when receiving it. I said, “Don’t you love it!” and he said, ” yes, I’m so thankful you thought of me, its just…I don’t, well, you know…love New York.”
    So now I have TWO “I (heart) NYC” t-shirts.
    Happy Tuesday!

    • You’re welcome! haha, it seems you either love NY or hate it! He was ready to get out and back to our green acres ASAP. I’ve had him in the country suburbs too long.

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