Not in Kansas anymore

I officially HATE uploading the massive amounts of photos I seem to accumulate on trips.  It takes HOURS and I dread the process.  I am beyond ready to throw my computer across the floor right now but here is part one of our out of Kansas experience.

Packed and leaving "Kansas"

On our way out of our city we heard a loud roar and thought the sky was falling.  However we quickly realized it was just the medevac team transporting a critical patient. 

Pausing to watch the scene unfold

The kids immediately gained a position on higher ground and breathlessly watched the scene.

If you followed the Twitter trail then you are aware of the bus trip bathroom experience.  Little Tres had developed an intimate relationship with the bus bathroom.  Needless to say he eventually “pooped” out.

All Pooped out

 The ride into the city proved very educational and we found the NY bus advertisements to encourage those conversations a parent would rather have at a later date.

Tres "Why is he kissing a girl and holding a guy's hand and why does it say Get Tested?"

Once in the city the boys (big and small) had this initial reaction:

A little boy and his dog in a big city

The boys perfecting the tourist maneuver

If our neck craning reaction did not instantly prove the fact that we were tourists then fer’sure the subway ride did.  Why?  Well take look and tell me what you think gave us away:

Nice arm rest we have here....


Whew, line them up

Heave Ho, let me just DRAG this....

Luggage!  You guessed it.  A taxi would’ve been the more appropriate avenue of travel but when have we ever done the more appropriate thing?  Besides the kids loved the subway and the little guy was always pushing the ‘yellow line’ restriction.

Intrigued with the yellow line and pushing the boundaries

 We were all exhausted yet we could still marvel at the level of filth going on in NYC.  Interesting also was the intense (burn your eyes out) smell of urine in the subway.  These sights and smells proved amusing and kept us from doing fatigued face plants. 



I'm about to fall asleep...wait, look how dirty those windows are!



Fatigue blurry-eyeitis setting in

We ate, showered and hit the pillow top mattresses for some much-needed rest. The next day things seemed brighter.  We awoke to these views:

A sliver of country

That's a fact Dorthy, we're not in Kansas anymore!

A very small part of our navigation task at hand

We had rested and could now contemplate the journey.  Tres was even feeling better see:

In the middle making cross-eyed faces

Ready to take on the urban scene

 ….and I’m two seconds from hurling this computer to its death.  So with that uplifting outburst I’m going to complete my photo transferring torture at hand.

More NYC photos, stories and adventures to come your way soon IF my computer survives another day.


6 responses to “Not in Kansas anymore

  1. Thanks for sharing your NYC trip with us, botut!


  2. Haha I can’t wait to see and hear the rest! Urine smell? You were really attacked with body function smells this trip!

    • Actually it was burn your eyes out urine and yes, I did get overloaded with the bodily fluids this trip. But that’s what makes it that much more memorable!

  3. That picture of your youngest on the yellow line speaks volumes! Love it.

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