A whole lot’a ugly!

I walked into my local grocery store today and guess what? The price of food has gone up…AGAIN.  All food.  Even the cheap, processed, fake junk is on the rise.  Speaking of fake, processed…I never understood why grocery store meat contained the little caption “caramel coloring added.”  Caramel coloring?  Meat has color to begin with so why the need for added coloring?  WELL, I recently discovered that meat will naturally turn grey as it sits on the shelf.  Yes, I don’t eat much meat and I have limited exposure to the stuff. I was BFs with meat until my younger brother went on a vegetarian kick that turned into a life style when he was a teen.  He took it upon himself to rescue his carnivorous family from our evil ways.  This salvation consisted of him shouting unpleasant stuff  like “That’s gonna rot in your gut for months!” with each meat laden fork-full we tried to enjoy.  If the above approach failed then he was thoughtful enough to provide us with a never-ending supply of putrid meat articles (conveniently placed at our meat fest place settings).  Before I knew it, I began to think animal flesh was rather gross and fiber became my new BFF. Sigh, he had me at gut rotting.  

….Grey meat.  Grey is a good thing.  Grey is our body’s friend.  We shoppers don’t like to see grey meat because it looks old and gross so enter our little friends caramel coloring and sodium nitrate.  Caramel keeps the meat looking pretty while we cook it and sodium nitrate allows it to remain the cancer causing neon red color for months of shelf-life. 


You can buy nitrate free lunch meat for a body part OR just tell your family the stuff is evil and move on. If they fight you just show them this:

Today, during a moment sale price enticement, I bought 4#s of evil for the kid’s lunches.  I also bought a grand daddy size of Benefiber.  I’m thinking if I dose enough in their food they will blow a load before the wickedness is actually absorbed.  I like my delusions and I like Benefiber.

To make me feel like a better mom and smooth my 4# guilt, I raided the fruit and leafy greens isle. The clementines that my family loves to devour are now priced $1 more per box.  Fresh fruit and veggies are nearing organ and body fluid donation prices. I’m partial to having two kidneys even though science informs me I can survive on one.  Maybe Mr. Pavlov can take one for the team and donate some of his boys.  He loves to boast of their swimming ability and should get a respectable price = lots of fruit for the donation.  Hmmmm…..that gives a whole new concept to “…fruit of thy loins…”

We want to eat healthy and we are making better choices but these prices aren’t making it easy for us.  And two of my three bambinos are professional eating machines.  Puberty, hormones, and growth spurts are causing raging appetites and with them, food bills.

How do you guys manage? 

From bogus meat to price gouging…it’s all ugly to me.


13 responses to “A whole lot’a ugly!

  1. I had six kids and feeding them healthy and tasty food was really hard work! Here have a plate of boring with a side of boring and oh yes, you guessed it… Boring for dessert. We all got used to it. Down to two teens and the dollar stretches a lot further… Into realms of good steak (nitrate laden, thanks for that info) and second helpings… Not of boring.

  2. Six? I do boring very well with three! It’s so difficult to keep creative, healthy and on budget. Make that next to impossible! And all of the horrors of processed meat food facts…nasty stuff. The meat industry today is a scary place.

  3. Well said, but did you have to?!

    • I know! I like to close my eyes, plug my ears and hum when I hear about this stuff but now I know too much and it is difficult to ignore it. I bet you have access to a ton of local home grown out in your area huh?

  4. That’s really scary about the colouring…

  5. I feel your pain, Botut…our family of seven spends megabucks on groceries…

    I still eat meat, but am having a harder and harder time digesting red meat…have given up pork almost entirely, and eat very little beef. I prefer chicken and fish anyway. It will take a lot to give up bacon though…


    • It looks like we all will require small loans to continue to eat. When we eat meat it is usually chicken but after watching hidden camera reports on the mega chicken plants it is getting harder to swallow! I need to find a local farmer who home grows. Farming is a dying profession – the government doesn’t make it easy on them.

      Bacon? OH Wendy….Bacon is the worst! LOL

      Check out http://www.foodincmovie.com/about-the-issues.php

      • But bacon tastes so GOOD!

        My best friend’s husband is a butcher…he told me once what’s in hot dogs…now that’s disgusting…

        At least I have a garden (and I don’t use chemicals)…do you suppose it will all balance out?


        • Recently I bought the natural (no nitrate) organic bacon for the kids and I had a small taste. It blew the processed stuff out of the water!!

          Sure, it’ll even out! Maybe. 🙂

  6. You are reminding me of my realisation the other day that I’m going to need a dozen eggs for one breakfast: http://teamoyeniyi.wordpress.com/2011/05/01/a-dozen-eggs-for-sunday-breakfast/

    Scared the living daylights out of me. And we are meat eaters. You know there is research about our kids generation are bigger because of all the growth hormones they feed the chickens? I try to buy organic as much as I can, because I hate the various modifications to food, be that some colouring for genetic modification. You know they colour egg yolks as well? I just want to eat natural food – without having to sell my kidney to do it!

    • LOL – yes growing teenage boys do eat like horses! I like the picture of your free range eggs. Ugh, yes I know about the dyed yolks which is why the “real” ones appear pale. So not right.

      We go through food in this house like a fast food restaurant. Too many times I am heard saying “But i just bought that…..” It is difficult to keep things stocked and out of their stomachs. Although, I have discovered that certain foods fill and hold them for longer periods of time like Oatmeal! Old fashion organic oatmeal is the bomb and will keep them full for hours and allow me to keep my parts intact 🙂

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