An auditory love affair…is it really over?

I am in love with the British.  This is nothing new.  I routinely stalk the McDonald drive thru when the Brit is working.  There is just something about the way he coos “May I add the cream and sugar for you?” that causes me to revert back to a cardiac palpitating, zit faced, blushing school girl.  During these braced faced school girl moments, I frequently forget items and must revisit the drive thru again…and again…and again.  I spend way to much time and money at McDonalds when the Brit is working.

Then there is EJ (James Scott), a villain on the brain candy Days Of Our Lives Soap Opera that I watch.  EJ is evil.  EJ is selfish.  EJ kills people.  EJ is vile.  But when EJ speaks good things abound in my ears.  If I were truthful I’d tell you that I really don’t listen to what he says and I certainly don’t pay any attention to what he does.  I simply hear that perfect British accent and it’s all good.  Sure, kill the man.  Steal the baby.  Kidnap the girl.  Just please continue to speak.

After watching hours of footage and biographies of William, Kate and the Royal wedding I am even more in love with the accent than ever.  I’m in deep.

I think a Brit could convince me to swim in chum with sharks…to give away a body organ…to engage in illegal activity.  Of course I’m midly exaggerating. 

Last evening I went with my Mom, Grandma and a few of their friends to a church service.  Not just any church service but a church service where the presence of God was so strong that you could feel the electricity zapping in the air.  After worship the speaker came on the platform and took the mic to welcome the crowd.  He opened his mouth and spoke.  With a British accent.  Time stopped and with it, my heart.  I was ready to do whatever he asked.  Jump.  I’d jack rabbit jump.  Sing.  I’d sing like a slaughter house cow. Raise your hands.  I’d reach for the stars.  I waited.

And waited.  But when he spoke the accent disappeared.  No, not really but as he preached the accent melted away in the context of what he was saying.  The magnitude of the message overpowered the accent.  Not only could I hear what he was saying, but I actually listened to the content.  After awhile I couldn’t hear the accent anymore – not even if I strained my auditory muscles.

I guess God is not only no respector of persons but also accents!  Acts 10:43 And Peter having opened his mouth, said, ‘Of a truth, I perceive that God is no respecter of persons [and British accents – my addition]

And although there are some people and accents that we find more attractive than others, God doesn’t consider things as we do.  1Samuel 16:7  “The LORD does not look at the things man looks at. Man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart”

Has my auditory British love affair been wiped away?

I think I’ll have to visit McDonalds drive thru just to be sure….

What accents play your acustic love music?

9 responses to “An auditory love affair…is it really over?

  1. British is good, but Australian is better…


  2. Well, I guess if I’m no longer melted into a pile of human plastic by the British accent then I could always transfer to Australian!

  3. As an Australian, I don’t like our accent at all. If I am overseas and hear it, I cringe.
    Having said that, though, most countries have more than one accent. I hope I don’t speak like an “occa” Aussie for example. Some of us probably sound like a cross between an “occa” and an upper class British git. 🙂

    The English have those that sound like William and Kate to those with such a strong county accent you can’t understand a word they say.

    Americans? No problems understanding those from the north, but the southern accents…………. oh my.

    French? Very sexy. 😀

    My husband’s accent? Had great difficulty at first, now I don’t even hear it half the time.

    I live in a country where a huge percentage of the population speaks with one accent or another, so we are spoilt for choice if we like accents.

    • Yes I have to really listen hard to some of those deep south American accents. I never knew that there were different British accents. Now I’ll have to find out what a country Brit sounds like!
      I’m like you…I can no longer hear my husband’s accent but people who haven’t heard him speak before pick it up right away. When they ask him where his accent is from the kids say “dad has an accent??” LOL I guess they can’t hear it either.
      French is difficult for me to understand but you’re right – it is sexy. Czech is hard to understand also.
      Oh, Israeli is sexy too.
      Soo many accents…soo much fun.

  4. Does he really coo? LOL

  5. Yes – no doubt he is cooing! I know a coo when I hear one…even if I am the only one who thinks it is a coo! LOL

  6. As you may remember, I’m married to a Brit. I’m pretty convinced the genesis of our relationship lies entirely within that accent. The funny thing is, I know exactly what you are talking about with the message overwhelming the accent. I often forget to appreciate my husband’s mellifluous vowels and dropped R’s, despite how much I love them. So now my confession, I melt for a Scots brogue (and he would be horrified to discover that).

    • Oh yes, you lucky, lucky girl! Day in and day out you get to experience that divine accent. A Scot huh? I’ll have to give it a listen and see…..

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