Looking up sustains life

During the craziness of life I have found that when I keep my mind and thoughts positive things look better and lives are spared. 

Like today, when the dog took a Goliath size dump right in front of the door I wanted to practice my blood-letting skills on her but instead, I took a deep breath and said “at least it’s on the ceramic tile.” 

This outlook saved her life….and the fact that we are dog sitting a rambunctious 1yr old lab who wouldn’t let her do her business outside.  He is a nut, a beautiful nut.  His color is fox red and is personality is fiery!  Our poor, fat, mellowed 5yr old lab experiences daily harassment and physical activity rape.  With her eyes she pleads for salvation and questions whether his presence in our abode is permanent. 

Although I believe a dog should physically combust before releasing any waste material in MY home, I gave her a one time pass.  She will live to die another day! 


Ours is the fat white one visually pleading for salvation in the background!


Help me...I must rest...must get air!!

Because usually the scene looks like this – ALL day long:

Play with me...pant, pant...play with me!

 I try to talk to our fatty in the spirit of looking up and viewing thing positively.  I explain that all of the exercise she is receiving is a good thing and will allow her to table surf for many more years.  Then I throw her a piece of food.

Oh yea, incase I forgot to mention her most recent conquest was an entire mixed berry pie, a loaf of bread and a batch of bananas all of which were consumed in under two minutes.  Really.  I turned my back for two minutes and that’s when she preformed her perfected air assault, paw maneuver causing (in one swoop) those three items to fall from their secured spot on the counter and into her enormous gastric holding area.

She chose to dine on the mixed berry pie on the solo carpeted living space we have.  It figures that the last piece of carpet left in our home was the feasting spot of my homemade, organic mixed berry pie that didn’t even touch my taste buds!  But I got to experience the heart warming joy of cleaning up the residue….look how close she was to dining on wood….grrr.

The mixed berry mess


It is still present but now faded.  I have scrubbed.  And scrubbed.  I thought about taking her far away from home and dog dumping her butt and I smiled.   When I realized that I would be the only one smiling, I decided to engage in some positive thoughts and secretly wished she developed an upset stomach or diarrhea – outside.  It helped and again, her life was spared at the thought of her gut spasming and cramping.  Looking up, it really works.

Now…how do I get this stain out of the carpet?????


14 responses to “Looking up sustains life

  1. Oh my, you poor thing! I can see a dog eating pie and bread, but bananas? Seriously? Our retriever wouldn’t eat a fruit or vegetable if she were starving. She’s a carb girl. Great writing as always and thank you, thank you, for the nice comment on Ella and the Boys. Mary

    • She will eat anything and everything! She loves bananas and has gone through so many that she can peel those babies in seconds. We keep everything pushed WAY back on the counter but she has perfected her attack so that nothing is impossible for her to devour. She puts her nose in the air, locates the exact spot and attacks! We have to look at other places to store our food.

      I LOVED those pictures. The one with Ella melting down and her brother’s facial expression(s) was truly priceless! Great work.

  2. Pics are so cute, eating of the pie would have got her dead with me though, you have the patience of a saint…just saying.

  3. I feel your pain, Botut…we have a voracious dog too! http://writerwoman61.wordpress.com/2010/07/12/my-dog-ate-it-again/

    For that nasty stain, I’ve found the Oxiclean carpet cleaner very effective…good luck…sorry about your pie!


  4. Oh goodness, dogs are as bad as kids sometimes. I am so glad we have hardwood and tile throughout. The only carpet is upstairs and he can’t get up there (doggie gate). Yeesh! Way to stay calm with all of this, though!

    • Rach – yes, I’m going for the all wood/ tile thing. We just have to change out the one area of remaining carpet to wood. Our house is crazy right now with three kids and three dogs….ugh!

  5. Oh I am so sorry but I can SOOOO relate. We have a fat lab. She eats everything she can get her mouth on (within seconds) and then pukes it up on the few areas of carpet in our house (an area rug will do in a pinch.)

    She never finds the wood floor. Or the tile.

    Nope. It’s like she INTENTIONALLY goes to the carpet. Perhaps it’s the most like grass and, therefore, she feels, a reasonable alternative?

    But the berry pie beats all. I never make anything from scratch. And now I know why. I think I’d kill the dog for eating it.

    Or I’d take a three-minute time out.

    I like your ideas, Beth. They keep everyone surviving.

    We shall live to eat pie another day….

    • It takes a Lab owner to relate to the never ending, insatiable appetite that drives them. I feel a little better knowing that your dog eats everything in sight only to puke it out on carpet later. Ya’know, misery loves company.

      The worst so far was the 1lb of fudge that she devoured. I thought for sure she was toast without me ever having to lay a hand on her because chocholate is reportedly deadly to dogs. But her survival instinct kicked in and she spewed a chocolate river all over the (cream) carpet. It was bad. Yes, I think more now than ever I need to rip that baby out and replace with wood.

      You just gave me an idea about baking/cooking. I think I’ll bake a jalapeno pie and turn my back for a few minutes and put her outside for the evacuation to follow while I take a three minutes to laugh!

  6. Your lab does look totally “over” the younger one in that top pick!

    Can’t help with the carpet stain, but I did have a german shepherd who would eat anything except peas. She would lick the gravy off and then spit them out. Loved carrots though!

    • It is pathetic to see her plead for help. This young doggie is beyond persistent! Maybe she’ll shed a few pounds of lard.

      Wow, spit out the peas?? LOL that’s great!

  7. Can you use this as an excuse to get a new carpet? And a doggie condo with food delivery?

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