Summer, Hippies and Hoes

I was outside today (exactly one week into our summer vacation) and, as I hit my leg on the hoe, I smiled.  Smiled?  Yes, a big toothy smile.  Why?  Because I was reminded of this post that I posted last year at this exact time.  The next time you see a hoe, I bet you will smile too.

The place of my conception???

Our summer is in full swing and I love it!!  I love the carefree schedule that summer brings.  The chill out, peace, love and be happy days of summer.  The more I think about my emotional make-up I become increasingly convinced that my parents were closet hippies and my conception took place in a flower power van during a make love, not war convention.  I am so chill that reefer could be my middle name…but I’ll stick with Ann.

The clouds part, the heavens open, a light shines forth and a majestic voice is heard saying "I can't believe she is fishing!!"

What have we been doing?  Absolutely nothing yet everything!  We take this time to focus on the important things in our lives which are people.  Our days are filled with family, friends, devotions and of course fun! Fun that is, until I hear the expected words sung throughout our home– the aggravating wails of “I’m BORED” — and just one mere week into summer break too!  So this chilled out person kicked everyone outside equipped with hoes, rakes, diggers and whatever I could find in the shed and told them to go show my garden and yard some love.  I felt proud.  I nipped that boredom in the bud. Yes. I. Did.

Buuut, then I realized this single act of forced labor may come back to haunt me.  Why?  Because my youngest could be heard shouting “c’mon hoe let’s go love on mom’s yard.” 

Yep.  Priceless, I know.  And I even laughed…a little, until I visualized the repercussions of being out in a very public place and…you get it.  He loves to repeat new-found adjectives and has done so before (click to read)…quite well!

Of course these words spoken in innocence caused the older two to burst out into convulsions of uncontrollable laughter which encouraged him to shout even louder…aaannnddd a vicious cycle is born.

Sigh, note to self: NEVER give a 5-year-old a hoe and tell him to love on your yard because he’s likely to form a complete sentence.


14 responses to “Summer, Hippies and Hoes

  1. So, so, so-so-so good. Loved every word. Yes. I. Did.

  2. Hehehehehe….most excellent!!!

  3. This cracks me up!

    • He cracks me up daily! And this reaction alone proves to be the main factor interfering with his disclipine! I can’t stop laughing to deliver the parental correction!!

  4. Oh my gosh!!! This is too funny. Have a perfectly uneventful, eventful summer…and thanks for your more than kind words of encouragement on your comments…:D

  5. I love that he talks to your garden tools! Out of the mouths of babes…

  6. I love it, Beth…when he’s done with your garden, can you send him to New Brunswick? I’ve got some serious weeding to do!


  7. Sure Wendy he’ll be happy to talk to your garden tools too and maybe do some weeding in the process. If nothing else I can guarantee he will entertain!

  8. C’mon hoe, Let’s love on mom’s yard!

    That may be the best “out of context” statement out of the mouths of babes ever…

    LOVE so much.

    Enjoy your summer. ALL our kids are bored.

    Not all the yards are loved, though.

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