Stalkers can be civilized – it just so happens.

I just finished watching an episode of the Kardashians.  It was on and my weed pulling fingers were too tired to change the channel.  Wait, that sounds really bad.  At least the excuse of “it was on and I didn’t feel like changing the channel” actually worked back in the stone age….the age of my childhood where we had to get off the couch and manually turn the dial (yes dial) to a channel that was not plagued with static.  But weed pulling cramped fingers?  Weak.  True, but weak.

The Kardashian episode reminded me of when we were in NY and we stalked just happened to land in front of the hotel that Kourtney and Kim were staying in.  My oldest was very poised as she posed for this picture, even with her Where’s Waldo Bright Orange Hat brother making faces at her….just trust me, she was.  You can see the evidence of Bright Orange Hat’s presence in the window reflection:

Look where I just happened to be!

We crossed the street to get a better look and just happened to see their balcony and Scott just happened to be out smoking and talking on the phone…just trust me, he was:

That speck by the bush with a cell phone to his ear is Scott (if you click on the picture you can totally see it)...just trust me, it is.

At one point we lost Mr. Pavlov and Where’s Waldo Bright Orange Hat.  When we finally found them Mr. Pavlov just happened to be doing his own civilized stalking.  If you look closely you can even see the drool marks he left on the window….just trust me, he did.

Now this is worth the trip and spit!!

And where was our middle child while all of the civilized stalking was going down?  Playing it safe.

Honest officer, I don't know those crazy stalkers. I was here the entire time...just trust me, I was!

It just so happens that we didn’t cause a scene even with the Bright Orange Hat.  We took our pictures and quietly left like good little civilized stalkers.

Just trust me, we did.


19 responses to “Stalkers can be civilized – it just so happens.

  1. You have such a fun way with words … just trust me, you do. Too fun Beth. Thanks for always entertaining your readers. 🙂 It appears we are often on the computer at the same time … except that we are two hours difference, yes?

  2. Hheheheheh….the Kardashians are like a car accident to me…I don’t want to watch…but….

  3. I too have been sucked into watching the Kardishans. I think Redneckprincess said it best. Usually it was “accidentally” on after I’d watched some brain-melting episode of “The Girls Next Door.” ON PURPOSE. Oh, the shame.

    BTW, I left a l’il something for you on my blog this morning:

    Happy Solstice!

  4. Very well done! Stalkers unite!

  5. Hahaha! This is all so cute! I totally would do the same thing, no worries! 😉

    • Wow, I’m feeling the love ❤

      Thanks so much. Once I can swallow without agony (thanks kids for the strep throat infection) and cease to be the space heater for our shaking Chihuahua, I will spread the love!


  6. That trip looks fabulous…totally worth the drool and the stalking label.

    (and now? I want an orange hat. REALLY a lot.)

  7. “Kardashian”…do they make an antibiotic for that?

    Fun photos, Beth!


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