Strep, irresistibly sweet and some love

Strep has invaded.  It began its assault weeks ago by taking out the youngest.  It seems his school was an easy breeding ground for the nasty bacteria that finally took up residence in his throat.  The next victimized throat was that of his brother and on his throat heels came their sister.  We had several bottles of antibiotics going.  I thought the evil was on its way to hell.

Thought wrong.  And I knew it the morning when I pried open my morning hating eyes to a painful, red throat.  I have not experienced Strep since my childhood and man, does this bug hurt!  I had to brace myself for the pain associated with swallowing each time spit accumulated in my mouth.  I even contempleted carrying around an empty can to spit in.  I’ve never been much of a spitter and given the fact that I would most likely wear most of my saliva, I passed on the can idea.  The fever came next and although I was in misery, our chronically shaking chihuahua was in heaven.  I had just become her personal space heater.

Although not 100%, I am on the road to recovery thanks to some Amoxicillin.  During my invasion of strep I logged onto my blog to find a little medicine.  The first blogging Amoxicillin came in the form of an Irresistibly Sweet Blogging Award given to me by Kenniebeanie over  at 

Keeniebeanie is one irresistibly sweet blogger herself and I am thankful for her recognition.  KB sweetness is contagious and you find yourself a little more sweeter and more smiley after you leave her blog.  Thanks KB!!

The second blogging Amoxicillin came from Redneckprincess over at in the form of a blog lovin’ award and I must say…..I am feeling the love.  Redneckprincess is a person who loves her family and friends unconditionally and with everything she’s got even though love can hurt.  She is an inspiration.

So although I am not up to completing the requirements of these awards, I did want to give these two blogging lovelies a huge shout-out from this strep infected throat.  That hurt.

Thank you my blogging friends.  This medicine was better than what the Dr. ordered!



9 responses to “Strep, irresistibly sweet and some love

  1. Praying for a speedy recovery…

  2. Awww…girl, thank you so much for the kind words 🙂 I hope you feel better soon my friend 🙂 xoxo

  3. Is it wrong that the main reason that I hate sore throats is the inability to yell at my children? Get well soon!

  4. Wow, you’ve been HIT! So sorry. Had strep only once or twice and it is the most painful I have experienced. I linked to the story on your redneckprincess friend’s blog and wow, can I just say that woman was really HIT too (the house story). You both are quite the writers. Get well lil cuz.

  5. Glad you are better! Love the preventative suggested by Hubby!

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