This is how the REAL women do it.

At least that’s what I’ve been told.  By women.  I’d be slightly more suspicious if it were the men who were dishing out this info while dishing some of the fruits of the real women’s labor into their traps.

Three generations of us real women (the 14yr old 4th generation was exercising her right to protest in front of the TV) gathered in my kitchen today and bulked up our biceps, triceps, glutes, fingers, and sweated buckets, almost as heavy as the ones we were lifting…

….to and from my stove.  Here are some of this year’s kitchen sights:

The prep

My peachies in their new homes

The trap filling goods of real women. All in a day's work! Much more bicep building ahead.

This sweat labor includes peaches, salsa, and pickled green beans.  Next on the agenda is massive amounts of plain ‘ol greenie beans (which are next to impossible to find this year!)

If it were not for the crack that my mom secretly snuck in those beans last year (I just know she did) then I wouldn’t be taking on this time sucker.  But once you take a bite, you fly like a kite (at least your taste buds do).

So what’da think?  Do you feel we sweaty and questionably bulked up women are real women? Now I know why farm girls can be scary and sport biceps rivaling that of their male counterparts.  OR do you believe as my daughter, who took one look at our living off the grid faces and repeated multiple times,

Real women go to the store!”

Do they?  I am at the store a lot.  And I can food (this year I actually did ’cause my Mom wouldn’t let me play the learner card).  Does that mean I am a real woman squared?!  All of you bulked up real women raise your canning jar or shopping bag because this is how the real women do it.

Enjoy this post that I wrote last year during another real women feat.


Here’s a hint…..

Yes, we busted out her pressure cooker, blew off the dust, brought it to my home and began the adventure.  I respect those individuals who can because it is a lot of work!  Truth be told my mom did most of the work since I was “learning” but still, we’re talking hours here people.  Even with all of the work there is just something satisfying about looking over rims and rims of jars.  See….

….and thinking ‘I did that!’ Wow.  Now, one may consider tomatoes to be enough for the day but not my mom.  She is a true slave driver and we tease her mercilessly about her whip crackin’ demeanor.  In addition to the gazillion tomatoes, she brought a bushel of green beans too.  My 80+ year old Grammie began slaving away with those experienced bean snapping hands.

Grama threatened instant death…like snapping my neck rather than the beans death….if I placed anymore than a photo of her hands on this site. Sooooo, I will comply since I have a fondness for my cute little neck.   Since Grama is hands off, enjoy more photos of the beans!

OK, enough of the bean photos.  My mom did not say anything about keeping her photo off this site so here is the woman who taught me all I know 🙂
Thanks MOMMY!!!!

18 responses to “This is how the REAL women do it.

  1. My mother “bottled” every year.

    I’ve never done it. Like your 14 y/o, I go to the store.

    Perhaps now with my crew of 6, I should!

    Job well done, all of you!

  2. That grandmother of yours and her camera shyness! So, yes, you are a real woman in my eyes. I did that for years but now for years I haven’t … and so that I never would again I sold the pressure cooker, the jars, the lids, the canner. Now I may not be a true woman, but I’m a smart one! However, you will be enjoying the fruits of your labor while I sadly will not. You go girl! Mary

    • Yes, tons of work but so worth every hour of labor!! I’ve bought all of my produce forever until last year when my Mom introduced me to canning. Now, I look forward to the fruits of my labor all winter long.

      I will get a shot of my grandmother. I’m laying low until she forgets her “no photo on the blog” demand and then I will strike with my sad cell phone camera. Yes, sadly my photos are with a cell phone camera and lack serious quality. It’s faster and simple and that’s what I’m going for right now!

  3. I have bottled and I have not. I think it is more fun with family. When I have tried bottling alone, it has been lonely and too much work. You need at least one more generation.

  4. My mom was a champion canner and completely ruined me for store-bought applesauce or green beans forever. The closest I’ve come is bottling homemade jam, which in small batches is fairly quick and painless. I’m not sure I have the patience for proper canning techniques for a large amount of produce, but there is definitely something satisfying about preserving and enjoying the fruits of your labor in the depths of winter.

    • Ahh, yes. I can’t wait to break these babies open mid-late winter and savor the labor. I’ll break my family’s little fingers if they devour these too quickly!!

      Jam? Easy? I’m all ears…….give me something else to try!

  5. I wish I knew how to do all of that! I’d be afraid that I’d do it wrong and give everyone botulism. You have a sweet heritage of which you should be very proud.

  6. Good for you! I should be canning salsa here shortly, once the tomatoes turn. And to answer your question: I think “real” women arm themselves with knowledge on what best serves their family… and that maybe food from the grocery store! 🙂 For me, I love the garden and eating from it throughout the winter. Enjoy those peaches!

  7. First of all, I’m incredibly impressed by your canning abilities…That is something no one in my side of the family knows how to do or has ever attempted…

    But more importantly, your family grows beautiful women.
    Inside and out.

    For real.

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