All in a year

I am amazed at the difference a year can make in the lives of my little human beings.  Sometimes even in mine (if I’m not in an omigosh this phase is dragging funk).

Last summer you may remember this post where my youngest was apprehensive (and bordering the indications for therapeutic intervention) of our little Tiki Man water toy.

365 days later and wa-la…he discovered the pure joy of Mr. Tiki:

He was content with the quality time he and Mr. Tiki were having

Yes, this is safe but thanks for asking Mr. Tiki

Dancing the Tiki

Drinking the Tiki

Constipating the Tiki

Wait, this constipation is fun....let's put him in the grass and see just how much pressure I can create!

Until….he discovered the raw power he held in his hands….

I'm holding a weapon!

Let's kill some grass

But grass killing is boRRRING!

It all began with this look

And there was not a sibling in sight to “bond” with.  Well, not a human sibling anyway.  He did spot a sibling of sorts. And off he went.

C'mere my sibling!

And our fur child entered into some forced bonding time with the Tiki possessed being.


I know I'm a water loving Lab but this is grounds for animal cruelty!!

See, sometimes I am just too engrossed in my footage that I forget to intervene.  Happens. all. the. time.

Eventually I came to my senses and called off the Tiki weapon wielding child.  It was this intervention that brought the realization of my interactable human status into the equation. Before this, I was just a camera holding prop.

But no longer…




I believe you can even see the splatter on my lens with that one. After he was content with the status of my saturation he went on to the enivitable.  In fact, being a boy, I was surprised that this was not the FIRST and possible ONLY activity he engaged in with Mr. Tiki.

Mr. Tiki, the appendage

Then in true boy fashion he turned proudly to face all of creation (who, after watching what happened to our Lab, screamed and hid in horror).

Look out world. Here my appendage and I come!

I can’t wait to see what happens next year.  Or, maybe I can!


14 responses to “All in a year

  1. OH, the difference a year can make!

  2. Oh my goodness, your narration of A Day in the Life of Mr. Tiki is hysterical. Love it!

  3. This year we conquered tubing for one child, but the other two still hate the boat. We are on year 3 of hatred. Hopefully it will be the last one!

  4. Can’t wait for our first year on this basis!

  5. Don’t blink. I did and my 9 year old is 5’4″. Very nice post. Happy end of summer.


    • Wow. 9yrs old and 5’4″? My 12yr old is 5’7″ and 160 some lbs. But I know at 9yrs he wasn’t 5’4″ because he Tarzan roared when he surpassed my height. That was a monumental day in our testosterone filled house.

      Eyes wide open. Definitely a must for parents of weeds.

      Nice to meet you. Thanks for dropping by!

  6. Yikes, I was so waiting for a “RIP camera” moment there! Glad all creation survived the onslaught of your little man and the Tiki man.

  7. That is what pure joy looks like.
    (Well, maybe not so much for the water-loving lab.)

    Laughed out loud at the Tiki appendage.
    That boy knows how to have himself some fun.

    Ah, yes. A year can make all the difference…

    • No, the Lab was not the picture of joy but kinda funny in a sick way. Who knows, maybe next year she will be all over the spray and not tied down…if she would quit trolling the neighborhood and consuming (and later vomiting) all their garbage debris, we may just let her free for hours on end in the outdoor paradise! Our neighbors LOVE us (not) and we have receive many affectionate calls informing us just how much.

      Maybe next year…..

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