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Just another brick in the wall, or not.

I know think I keep Snapfish in business.  Yes, just me and me alone.  No one else.  Just me.

I stock pile all of my photos until I have a mother of a picture load to develop.   As I was going through this mother load I came across this fun end of summer concert in the parking lot (yes Parking Lot not Park because we are that raw) that the Botut crew attended.

What? It's our duty to hold up this wall!!

See a lot of people will die if we don't do our wall holding duty!!! People hug walls.

There were other non-wall holding males there.  Well, they were the performers and kind of had to step away from the wall.

Look Ma, No Wall!

And the cook….he couldn’t wall hug.

Bob making perfection on a grill!

Ok, ok so males aren’t the only wall huggers at social events.  I found a female and Mr. Pavlov was all too happy to admit her into the club.

Welcome to my wall young grass hopper!

And once the euphoria wore off Mr. Pavlov was actually able to watch the concert with his new wall buddy.

And still another female keeper of the wall.

ACTUALLY, I'm not really touching the wall....

In addition to all of the bricks in the wall and music there were other things that caught my camera.

Like wild hair.

Check out these quills!

And child torture.


A cute, sweaty, non-wall hugging male.

Got any A/C on you Mom?!?

And somehow it caught this kiss.


And since I was already yanked from the safety of behind my lense, I took up a wall spot with my newly recruited baby girl.  However, I was not ready to be just another brick…yet.

Ok, you're beautiful honey but give me back my camera now!

But as I went to get the camera from my cute, sweaty son I caught a whiff of something and my beloved daughter was there to capture the innocence on his face and the contortion in mine.

Whewf! Where's the Axe now???

I quickly forgot about my singed nasal hairs when I saw two cuties splish, splashing away.

Kids are water magnets!

I have a tendency to get into the photo capturing moment and forget about anything else….like say, safety.  I’ve been getting better and actually thought to look around for electrical wires this time after snapping only one, single, solo photo.  Once determining that the coast was clear for these splish, splashing babes to continue with their puddle play, I snapped another photo.

It's ok, that wire is several feet away...we can still have parking lot puddle fun!

Two members of the Botut crew thought they could slip away.  But the camera always knows.

Huh? What? Us? Going somewhere?

They just kept walking….

Go away Mom!

You can't stop this!

I didn’t even try a counter move because I’m at the age where I would likely displace my bladder.

I decided to take a rest. By the wall.

Bra burning and the start of school…embrace who you are!

After screaming and dragging my feet in imaginary dirt, I am (f i n a l l y) in the back to school spirit given that my three departed from our summer loving  abode this week and boarded the big yellow bus.  I was dreading the start of school because I truly love the chilled days of summer where we throw abandonment to any form of schedule.  We stay up late, sleep in late, eat crap and burn our bras (this actually happened when my mom hurled her ill-fitting bra into the bonfire flames late one hot summer night).

It is the raw stuff that makes life fun and provides for interesting conversation when my second grader answers the first day ‘getting to know you’ question of “What did you do or see this summer?”  Sorry Mom.  If you receive odd looks during Grandparents Day, you now know why!

They have been in school a mere three days and in addition to a quiet house, I am beginning to delight in the return of an organized schedule.  There is something to be said for a routine and for once, my descriptive adjectives are positive.

Maybe it is because I have finally embraced who I am.  I know my weakness (my 5:30am wake-up and addiction to the snooze button) and can prepare for success in spite of them (making sure my offspring are awake, fed, sometimes clean, and on the bus).

I no longer feel inadequate or make excuses for what makes me, me. Ok, maybe I lapse into excuse making inadequacy when I spot a super organized, highly polished, morning loving Mama as I stand there with exercise sweat still on my pants wearing the sports bra that (as my youngest so observantly pointed out) my flat chest does not really require. Or worse (yes there are worse things than clothes bearing exercise sweat and sports bras) when I fail to get dressed and hear the surprised greetings of Mr. Pavlov or the kids “You didn’t even change today?!?”  Yeah?  So what? I like my jammies.  But this lapse is short-lived once I (mentally and occasionally physically) slap myself a few times and picture the highly efficient mama in my state.

I am happy that this “embrace who you are” vibe has taken root in my kids given that I’ve only been spewing this point since their birth!!! My youngest shrugged off the five question limit that his teacher imposed upon him the second day of school with a simple,

 “I like to know information and I have a lot of questions. It’s who I am.”

The two older ones are unmoved by social standards or “norms” when usually, at their age(s), these two factors are most important.  If they don’t like it (whatever it may be), it isn’t happening!  They are confident in their skin and are not willing to compromise who they are [insert a big parental YAY!]

It appears as if my brother and sister-in-law have embraced the same ‘be who you are’ parenting theme.  My nephew not only beats to his own drum but has is own music.  He is one highly successful child and makes no excuses for who he is or what makes him tick.

This was taken when my sister-in-law had to visit his school.  She smiled with immediate recognition.  This picture says it all and sums it up……

In a world of followers be unique, be you and burn a bra or two!

I’m curious.  Who besides my Mom has actually burned their bra? The few bras that I own happen to be Victoria’s Secret.  This flat chested wonder needs all the assistance that I can get and the VS miraculous bra does the job nicely.  Miracles are indeed created in the form of a small cleavage appearing on my chest.  Who cares that a bullet could pass through the bra and never penetrate skin or that one could bruise or wound the unfortunate soul who happens to come in contact with the bra weaponry.  Yes, there is THAT much padding and push of which does not come cheap.  So at $49.95 a bra there’s no way they will be seeing flames anytime soon.