Just another brick in the wall, or not.

I know think I keep Snapfish in business.  Yes, just me and me alone.  No one else.  Just me.

I stock pile all of my photos until I have a mother of a picture load to develop.   As I was going through this mother load I came across this fun end of summer concert in the parking lot (yes Parking Lot not Park because we are that raw) that the Botut crew attended.

What? It's our duty to hold up this wall!!

See a lot of people will die if we don't do our wall holding duty!!! People hug walls.

There were other non-wall holding males there.  Well, they were the performers and kind of had to step away from the wall.

Look Ma, No Wall!

And the cook….he couldn’t wall hug.

Bob making perfection on a grill!

Ok, ok so males aren’t the only wall huggers at social events.  I found a female and Mr. Pavlov was all too happy to admit her into the club.

Welcome to my wall young grass hopper!

And once the euphoria wore off Mr. Pavlov was actually able to watch the concert with his new wall buddy.

And still another female keeper of the wall.

ACTUALLY, I'm not really touching the wall....

In addition to all of the bricks in the wall and music there were other things that caught my camera.

Like wild hair.

Check out these quills!

And child torture.


A cute, sweaty, non-wall hugging male.

Got any A/C on you Mom?!?

And somehow it caught this kiss.


And since I was already yanked from the safety of behind my lense, I took up a wall spot with my newly recruited baby girl.  However, I was not ready to be just another brick…yet.

Ok, you're beautiful honey but give me back my camera now!

But as I went to get the camera from my cute, sweaty son I caught a whiff of something and my beloved daughter was there to capture the innocence on his face and the contortion in mine.

Whewf! Where's the Axe now???

I quickly forgot about my singed nasal hairs when I saw two cuties splish, splashing away.

Kids are water magnets!

I have a tendency to get into the photo capturing moment and forget about anything else….like say, safety.  I’ve been getting better and actually thought to look around for electrical wires this time after snapping only one, single, solo photo.  Once determining that the coast was clear for these splish, splashing babes to continue with their puddle play, I snapped another photo.

It's ok, that wire is several feet away...we can still have parking lot puddle fun!

Two members of the Botut crew thought they could slip away.  But the camera always knows.

Huh? What? Us? Going somewhere?

They just kept walking….

Go away Mom!

You can't stop this!

I didn’t even try a counter move because I’m at the age where I would likely displace my bladder.

I decided to take a rest. By the wall.


14 responses to “Just another brick in the wall, or not.

  1. How fun to see your family on the big screen. Can’t believe you actually got some pics of your beautiful daughter. Geez, she is a knock out. Good to see your skinny little body too. Fun ending … I cracked a laugh here at work.

  2. I know…miracles of miracles she actually let me capture her face and not the famous back shot I am restricted to!!! BUT she doesn’t know I put it on my blog. Hee, hee…wait, I better not laugh too soon because she’ll be handling our elder care when we are drooling and pooing.

  3. Don’t sell yourself short, I bet you could seriously bust a move, bladder completely intact. 😉

  4. I cracvked up at the bladder comment! Great pics and beautiful team members!

  5. We just have concerts in parks. I think we might get better bands if we moved them to parking lots.

  6. Aww, what cute photos. I loved the whole “can’t stop this” like MC Hammer right? And like keeniebeanie, I too believe you could deliver some “Can’t touch this” quality moves!

    Funny stuff.

    • Yes, MC all the way! I think I still have my MC baggy pants. Hmmm, now those are something I may want to consider busting out. But the air jumping moves? Yeah, no. The most air I caught was on the trampoline and it wasn’t pretty! You would’t want to touch it!!

  7. Oh, I love this photo post! Your kids are beautiful…and wall hugging is an important life skill.

    • Thanks and yes, wall hugging is one of those life skills that one must learn the art of. Because there is a certain way to shift and a variety of posturing to use. A Variety of distances from the wall to maintain. A certain time period to leave the wall. AND it goes on and on!

  8. Your family is just too cute.

    And good at holding up walls.

    AND excellent at photography.

    (triple threat, indeed…)

    • haha well we do tend to like out walls. And hugging them is an added bonus that we have become quite skilled at. Some of us more than others but along the perimeters is where we find the most comfort. The hubs will say our wall and perimeter fondness is because of the easy escape route they provide in the event of a disaster (always so positive that one!)

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