A picture of insanity

Meet the Schnoodle, our new addition

As IF an English Lab and a Chihuahua were not enough dander producing creatures to abide in our home, we took in a Schnoodle (part Schnauzer, part Poodle).


But I need my very own dog! I LOVE her! She NEEDS me and I NEED her!

Sigh, incase you couldn’t figure it out by now I am a sucker for cute, manipulative kids and animals have always had my heart!  Wish me well as we continue to add to our zoo and the “R”esponsibility that comes with it.  I seem to avoid the “R” word until after the fact.  But not to worry, we are responsible pet owners which is why we haven’t dumped our food scavenging, neighborhood trolling, professional vomiting, massively shedding English Lab yet.

Tell me what works for you and your pet zoo.  How do you guys handle the responsibility of caring for your pets and budgeting the expense (those Vets are making the cash $$$!) Oh my, I just realized that we will now have three dogs to find sitters for when we take those elusive family v-cays!!  Yikes….suggestions?  And offing them is not an option – just sayin’

10 responses to “A picture of insanity

  1. We have fish. I know, it’s sad. We are dog people without a dog, but my daughter and I both adore Great Danes and she and I aren’t quite grown-up enough to take good care of one yet. Two years to go! Good luck with your zoo!

    • We have fish too. Fish are great! My neighbor used to breed Great Danes and we considered getting one but got the Lab instead. I never thought I would have more than one dog at a time but…..not so. THIS IS IT though. I mean it. We.are.done!!!

      Well, with dogs. We stil have chickens to purchase in the spring to fill our new coop. I am an animal freak! It’sfrom not being allowed to have them as a kid – I know it.

      “aren’t quite grown-up enough to takegood care of one yet. ” LOL Let me know how it goes for you in two years from now!

  2. We have fish as well. We like to go away on weekends and so we have told our kids we can’t have a dog. They don’t want to travel as much now. I may go to Disneyland once a month to keep from getting a dog.

  3. Hah! Four kids is anough of a zoo for me for a while!

  4. So cuz, how’s it going? Is everyone getting along and barking nicely? You are a brave soul but how could you turn down those faces. Grampa Mouser had two Schnausers both named Moxie Seriously? Yes, seriously. I guess he figured if the first one was so good that the second one would be the same way if she had the same name. Didn’t work. He’d say come … she’d sit down and just stare at him. Frustrated the man to no end … but he loved them both. I love my stinky dog and noisy cat … but if I were being honest (and I am) I do envision my life without them on occasion … and on occasion I like the vision. Good luck with the zoo. Now you need another cat or two.

    • Oh boy, it is going. I can’t complain the new dog is good I just don’t know how the other dogs will accept her being a permanent part of our crew. It’ll take time I guess. I’ve always been a sucker for animals especially those in need. I was the kid rescuing a chipmunk or bunny from the jaws of death (my cat) and bringing them back from the other side (only to have them die a day or two later!) NOOOO more animals, cats included. We lost Winston last year and just have his brother who likes to think he is an outdoor mountain lion which, is fine with me. Outdoors is a good thing.

      Funy you envision life without them on occasion – I do the same and was just having a nice vision before the brief lapse in sanity brought this little thing into our home. I hear their lifespan is 15yrs or so?!? Choke.

  5. Your menagerie is adorable! Good luck getting the new addition settled in.

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