Monthly Archives: March 2012

Unusual Junkies

Although I no longer look like I should have meat on my face, my eyes continue to provide a mating ground for some nasties who I’m sure don’t practice safe sex.  We just can’t shake this.  We are on round…I lost count…of antibiotics drops (yes, we are junkies) and Mr. Pavlov (who boasts about his optimum state of health) had to go on the pill, (no, not THAT pill) an antibiotic pill because this bug knocked him O.U.T!  His tonsils were even gettin’ it on with some major kissing and I won’t even tell you what his lungs were doing but they rocked my bed all night long with their activity.  Eventually he went to the couch so he could cough it up in peace (I seem to have an involuntary back slapping reaction to snoring and in this case, his cough qualified as equally disruptive.)

The red-eyed vamps in Twilight have nothing on our crew when we are off of our drops and the STD super bug breeding resumes.

Truly, I am at a loss.  We are ok as long as the drops are dropping.  As soon as we finish the course within a few days we are vampy red, oozing and irritated again.  I have done everything I know to do and the bleach bottle is never far from my grasp.  This house and everything in it has been scrubbed,  bleached, washed or thrown away.

Even the Doctors are at a loss.  Aside from thinking (I can read their clear, white eyes) that we are a bunch of antibiotic junkie dirt balls who, among other things, finger each other’s eyes and then rub our own for fun, they don’t have much to say and are pretty much out of antibiotic options.

I wonder what they would think if I dumped Mr. Pavlov’s newly purchased Cocoa Vino in my eyes.  Aside from burning my eye tissue out, ulcerating my corneas and possibly causing blindness, the alcohol should kill the bugs right?  Or maybe they would enjoy it a little too much and breed more aggressively?

Regardless, my Cocoa Vino awaits.  And I intend to show this Tootsie roll with a kick beverage the respect it deserves and maybe kill a few cruddy bugs in the process.