Spring has sprung and so has my brains!

I think my battle with the evil pink eye super bug has left me mentally compromised. If not the wicked bug then it was the massive amount of eye drops I’ve absorbed but either way, I’ve gone bananas.  And if you need proof just look….


In case you can’t make out the little specks those are chickens people, fowl feathered friends.  Somewhere along the way I decided that I wanted farm fresh eggs but didn’t exactly want the farm.  So, much to my neighbor’s dismay, I settled for eight super charged egg laying peeps, four of which we got last week and the other four are due to arrive this week.  I figure eight layers should keep my food devouring kids egged up and happy for awhile.  And when they get sick of eggs? Well, I’ll come up with some creative recipes or shove eggs down their throats.  Whatever works.

I tried to be a considerate suburbia neighbor and bought these peeps from a place that could guarantee these downy babies would be hens and not annoying roosters.   We’ll see.  If any should happen to be roosters did I mention I have a retriever bird dog?  Just KIDDING (not about the dog but about the fate of poor rooster).  I’m sure I’ll find a farmer who would be happy for Mr. Roaster to take up some table, I mean, yard space.

The coop is up and ready to go except for the outdoor run.  I have been nagging gently asking Mr. Pavlov to finish the run because these peeps are growing quickly and pooping a lot!  N a s t y.  I’m told the run will be completed this week which, is a good thing considering how filthy these egg layers are.

While we wait they eat, sleep, poo, pick, poo, flap their wings, poo, flap their wings and actually fly, poo, peep, poo, poo, poo and they are still small.  If the amount of poo is any indication of what I can expect to come then I am in WAY over my maximum lifetime poo limit. Plus we still have four little poo makers to come.  Yikes.  Let’s hope they produce as many eggs as droppings and then maybe we’ll call it even.


As we await the other four peeps and their completed home, they bask in the heat of their red glo lamp.   This photo was taken just minutes after I changed their bedding…wanna take a guess what a few hours looks like?!?

Didn’t think so.

I’m going to collect my brains now.


6 responses to “Spring has sprung and so has my brains!

  1. I love it! I’m sure you remember that I did the chick thing last Easter? I bought 5 … three big whites and two small champagne colored ones and kept them in a rubbermaid container with a heat lamp for two full weeks. I said I would do it again in a heartbeat, but guess what, I didn’t! I put wood shavings the Rubbermaid which did help with the poop because I could stir it up, you are right, they poop SO MUCH! Chickens like to scratch and scratch they did. I had to keep my hobby room door closed to keep the cat and dog out and when it was time for the chickens to go to the nice farmer man with a nice mansion for them, I couldn’t believe how disgustingly dirty my hobby room was. There was a film of dust an inch thick. Whatever was I thinking? I LOVED the experience though and they fascinated me to watch how quickly they grew and how their feathers come in. I picked them up two or three times a day to play with them. People thought I was nutso. I was truly captivated by the little guys. One became a real favorite of mine and he loved being handled more than the others. In fact, when I went to visit him on the farm months later, I picked him out immediately and went right over and picked him up even though he was almost big enough to be cooked at that point, but not big enough to lay eggs yet. Have fun and be sure to give us blog updates. Mary

    • YES! I do remember that post last year and the beautiful photos to go with it!!! Regardless of the terrible mess they make, they are fun to watch and their feathers are just now coming in. I hear that they actually do have personality (like you mentioned when you noticed one enjoyed being handled more than the others). I’ll take better photos (these were taken with my phone camera!) of the coop and our journey as we peck our way through it!

  2. I think they are precious and I’m a little bit jealous now. (Of course, this could mean that I, too, am insane.)

    I surely hope your super-bugs are gone by now (dare I ask?) and hope you indeed have hens, not roosters.

    I love love love eggs. So pretty-please keep us apprised of this experiment. The good.The bad. The ugly.

    I just may go crazy too, someday.

  3. You are crazy. CRAZY, do you hear me? 😆 😆 😆

    Love the idea, but your neighbours are going to hate you – if you don’t hate yourself first, the first time they wake you at the crack of dawn!

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