You know you’re a redneck when…

Alas, the evil pink eye bug has left our abode.  I think the chickens and all their filth scared it away.  You know, germs like it at the top of the filth hierarchy and these chickens have that market cornered.  There was no room for promotion for Mr. Pink Eye so he left to find another clean home to infest.

How are the chickens you ask?  Ok, because YOU asked I will fill you in on all of the latest happenings but don’t palpitate, I promise not to make this a chicken blog.

I think pictures (even crappy ones taken on my cell phone) speak volumes so here ya go:

These dirty (notice the film of dusting on the light? That's mild people) suckers are escaping!

Oh yes they are!  They fly now and the big 50 gallon rubber maid container is an easy escape!

Now, do you notice that there are more chickens than the originally planned eight?  Why?  Well, you see I have become quite the chicken whisper during this experience.  And I just knew (who cares that it is near impossible for the experts to determine) that some of these babies were roosters.  I just knew in my knower that they were.  One look in their beady eyes and I was screaming “I have at least 4 roosters!!”  So I did what any insane reasonable person would do.  I went out and bought 6 sex links (guaranteed hens) for a grand total of 13 chickens (I know 8 + 6 = 14 not 13 but I could only get 7 chickens to start with not 8 so I’m doing the right math but thanks for your concern regarding my IQ).

Here’s another voluminous photo:

Now how did that little sex link escape? If she can do it so can I. I'll just use this water dish as a stepping stone to success!

After waking up to free ranging chickens in my HOME I decided it was time for Mr. Pavlov to get his cute little rear in gear and build me the run.  We have the coop but just needed the outdoor run to complete their palace.  He obliged (and called a friend to help…Thanks JIMMY!) In the meantime, I placed a crib rail over the container halting all future free ranging.

The palace. Sorry to the neighbors down wind of the palace 🙂

Even Diva constructionista is at work! When she works you know she must want 'em chickens OUT!

I’d rather allow the chickens to free range but I’m quite sure that a neighborhood lynching would occur so we decided to build a nice sized outdoor run.  Plus the girls (roosters free to good home) would most likely get into these…

My precious garden beds getting ready for planting!

The weather has not been cooperating and the run is not finished.  Yes, that means the stinky chickens are still in my home although I am contemplating other facilities.  On the positive side, one these things leave, my home will seem imaculate!  I cannot even begin to describe the layer of pentrating dust they create.  It gets everywhere and on everything…think dry wall and you have an idea!

How do I cope?

Drowning out dust, filth and smell one sip at a time!

And Mr. Belvedere helps me cope with the realization that I am becoming a redneck.  You know you’re a redneck (maybe even Queen redneck) when you have chickens free ranging in your home.

I need another sip.

12 responses to “You know you’re a redneck when…

  1. Oh my! I’m not sure what to say. But I’m laughing ahahhah! Sorry but it is funny!

  2. We are working on a run for the coop house like yurs. Seems like you are doign a fine job 🙂

    • Truthfully we do not know what we are doing but we are figuring it out as we go! Chickens are funny to watch and make the experience worth the mess…almost!

      Thanks for stopping by. I’ll be over to see you soon. Maybe I can gain some pointers from you!

  3. Ok Beth, I loved this post because I loved my chicken experience too. In the first picture it appears you have a couch next to the Rubbermaid? No, tell me these critters aren’t in your living room?! Ok, so mine were in my hobby room where I took them out constantly for handling and exercise, but when I did it was on my chair mat so I could clean up the poop. I kept the door closed to keep the filthy dust in and the curious cat and dog out and two days I came home to find them perched on top of the Rubbermaid as well. Oh, how I lucked out that they didn’t actually fly down from it and poop all over my carpet! At that point, I knew it was time for them to get OUT of my house and onto a farm. Oh my, such dirty stinky birds for sure. Why then was I (and you) so enamored with the little suckers? Because I know you will agree that they are so so so interesting! You have lots of levels of roosting bars in that gorgeous backyard pen, right? My chickens went to live in a chicken mansion with 50 other beautiful birds with a big coop and an outside pen much like yours so kudos to the great build job. Be sure you keep the heat lamp on them once you transfer them. Please DO make this a chicken blog and keep us informed about how they grow. Good luck getting them outside soon and getting your house dusted!

    • Guilty as charged! I have an open floor plan so the couch begins my living room. HOWEVER, I blew a vessel in my brain after I came home and smelled chickens from my downstairs entrance! It was like we were living in a barn and last I checked I’m still human. Now the sweet little messes are no longer in our human abode. They have been relocated to the coop. I have them in their box inside the coop while Mr. P finishes the run. And let me tell you (although I’m sure you know) I spent hours cleaning after I got them out! What a mess! But now my house is sparkling clean. I’d even venture to say you could eat off my floors…well until the Lab walks or shakes on them then forget it unless you like hair as an added condiment.

  4. Is it wrong to call chickens cute? Because they are cute. And I haven’t even had any Belvedere yet today…

  5. Wow – you’ve got a regular Green Acres thing going there! Your garden beds look great too – I love the formal garden lool. It’s much better than the muddy, dusty plot that the husband tried to set up at our old place.

  6. My favorite thing about the farming store next to our house? The baby chicks they sell are labeled so you know if they are best for roasting, broiling, baking, frying…

    • haha oh that’s a little sick! Helpful but sick.

      I’ve been trying to burn the image of these known roosters I’m convinced I have happily free ranging on some farmer’s farm (rather than on his table digesting in his stomach) into my kid’s minds.

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