Monthly Archives: August 2018

Face the Mountain

You can and you will.” How many times have I heard my Mom speak these words to me. Sometimes in her most powerful parental voice laced with threatening consequences (if by chance I decided I couldn’t and didn’t) while other times these words were spoken with encouragement to help motivate me to tackle a challenging task.

I have since adopted this saying and when I talk to myself (frequent occurrence) I say “I can and I will!” The mind is a powerful tool and more often than not, the battle is won or lost just by our thoughts.

Over the years I’ve come to learn some things about myself and life.  For instance, when faced with fight, flight or freeze I…FLIGHT, run, bolt, take off!  I’m a runner and have perfected the skill of evacuation almost effortlessly.  I know where it comes from. It’s no big mystery or secret.  I endured endless ridicule when I was a kid.  Growing up with juvenile onset rheumatoid arthritis in the 1970’s was pure hell.  In this era the concept of bullying was thought of as normal childhood behavior.  A zero tolerance policy didn’t exist in our schools and as a result we were left on our own to figure it out.  I quickly learned survival meant me removing myself from whatever terrorizing situation I found myself in.  Hence, the beautifully perfected skills of running.

Fast forward 40 some years and ya’know what happens to runners? Eventually we run out places to run and we must stand and face the discomfort.  We soon realize whatever we keep running from is inescapable because it continues to show up every place we sprint to until we deal with it.   It’s like our worst life scenarios on repeat.  Whether it’s an adult bully, difficult job, difficult co-worker, unfair treatment, invisibility, domineering relationships, or whatever, freedom will never truly exist until we deal with the issues we’re running from.

Yeah.  Not comfortable territory but I’m learning to embrace this new area called standing still.  And when I’m tempted to “Run   Beth,   Run,” I hear my beautiful Mom’s words in my head, “Bethann, you can and you will!” and I {errrkkk-screeching breaks} stop.

I can and I will. Day by day. Thought by thought. Action by action.

How many fellow runners do I have out there?  How many pairs of situational running shoes have you worn out?

Remember, you can and you will.  Stand. Win the battle AND the war because your life is meant to be great. I speak from experience, running brings a sense of fatiguing disorder and disruption that interferes with peace. Face that mountain instead of wondering (running) around it!

We can and we will.  Stand and be still.

Have a great week!!!


Stand (or sit with feet up and shoes unlaced) Be Still. No running permitted.