About Me

Just Jeans….Just Me!

I’m a joyfully married Mom of three.  You may call me Mrs. Pavlov.  Explore the site to meet my three human dogs who I refer to as Uno, Dos and Tres.  My husband is know around here as Mr. Pavlov and together we experiment our way through life.

I love ripped jeans and tennis shoes, coffee, alcohol, my family and Jesus (not necessarily in that order!)

I value integrity and just being real.  I strongly encourage my three spicy children to participate in the dying art of “realness” which, they engage in naturally given the genetic playground we spawned them in. As a result we have encountered a multitude of awkward, somewhat embarrassing public moments.

I routinely make up words and insert them into my posts as if they were
a legit part of the English. See if you can find them.

I enjoy life and live to the full!  I am who I am, we are who we are, and nothing more.

I’m glad you are here and hope you’ll stay connected with us.





16 responses to “About Me

  1. roxanne hoffman

    great reading

  2. I love making up words and am looking forward to hunting for them. Also love that your dogs are Uno, Dos, and Tres. Several years ago the local animal shelter had a litter that they’d named Uno, Dos, Tres, Cuatro, and Cinco. I wanted to adopt them so they could keep those names.

    • My older posts contain more but I will increase production just for you! I have made up a multitude of words that my family is accustomed to hearing and interpreting. Sometimes I forget and use these fictional words while speaking in public. It is only after the facial contorsion “HUH?” and confused expression that I realize I have spoken one of the non-existent vocab.

      Haha, while my “dogs” behave like dogs on many occasions they are actually humans…they are my children 🙂 They have real names but because I often use them as my blog objects and experiments they have asked that I use fictional names. It was the least I could do!

  3. nice to meet you mrs. pavlov!! great blog you have here! cant wait to read more

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog…I’ve really enjoyed browsing through your blog. It’s always encouraging to hear another woman speak of her faith..thanks!

    • I’ll be back to your site – I think it is great! Yes, my faith in and relationship with the Lord is very important in my life.

  5. Looking through your blog; I forced myself to watch crazy, stupid love, too! Did not like it so much. It seemed very typical of a lot of the movies out there today. the man is an idiot, the woman is the stronger one, and the older you get the more of a loser you become. I wasnt raised with those beliefs but they are predominant in todays society. I dont understand it. Maybe that’s why I am single and alone? Oh well. But you have a nice and interesting blog. Cheers! Scott

  6. You have a beautiful family and great blog I wanted to wish you a happy holidays and new year and I look forward to reading more from you

  7. Huh… you seem cool.

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