Botut, the name


I’ve been asked numerous times (too numerous to count) where the name Botut came from.  Here is the story.  Twenty-two years ago when I was big, huge, inhumanly contorted to seismic proportions (i.e. pregnant) with our daughter growing inside of me, the hubs (I call him Mr. Pavlov) and I decided to watch a movie.  I mean, after hoisting my massive physical matter into the futon chair I was NOT about to move.  Settling in for a movie seemed like a great plan.  The only movie available was Disney’s Operation Dumbo Drop.  Yes, I know.  Two childless adults watching a G movie when we had the freedom to choose any movie we wanted.  Now, with three kids mandating us to movies with such tyranny, we look back on those days of democracy and feel that we should have taken advantage of freedom when we had the chance.  Anyway, Operation Dumbo Drop it was.   The name of the Dumbo…the elephant was none other than…You guessed it!  Botut.  As I struggled to breath from the gigantic beauty forming inside of me, I affectionately replied to my fetal baby girl, who was crushing my diaphragm and lungs, “Botut, you big elephant!”  We were seized with fits of laughter and Botut became a name that will remain with us forever.

10 responses to “Botut, the name

  1. What a great anecdote. I’m a big fan of finding meaning in obscure pop culture references. You’ve got a great one here. Great site!

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  3. Captain Obvious

    You have officially been given a (well deserved) Versatile Blogger Award. Go to to claim it 🙂

  4. Enjoyed your funny blog. And yes kids are such couch commando T. V. Nazis.

  5. I have never even heard of that movie. There is probably an obvious reason for that. This is my first visit to your site, so I never had a chance to wonder about the name!

  6. Anyone who’s been there can relate I’m sure when at that time of feeling like you’re just about as big as a house!

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