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Stripper poles, Chinatown and Hickeys…NYC has it all!

We spent a big portion of our NYC trip on the subway.  While Mr. Pavlov and I consider ourselves experienced subway surfers (thanks to the years we spent living in Washington D.C.) our kids are relatively subway newbies.  Especially the youngest.  To him the subway was pure entertainment.  Whether testing his balancing skills or his speed at maneuvering through slamming doors or perfecting his climbing techniques, the subway was his new urban playground. He was uninhibited and loving life.  These are just a few quick glimpses of our daily rides:

See what I can do on a near empty train?!


This is GRRRREAT!!

 Then he did this and said…..

Look mom I'm like.....

…..one of those lady actresses on TV with a pole.  Chirp, chirp…awkward silence.  Did I hear correctly? Lady actresses on TV with a Pole? 

Ok, my mind was racing.  What could he possibly be referring to???  What had he seen? Maybe he watched a documentary on female firefighters.  That’s possible right?

Just as I was convincing myself that he was most certainly referring to female firefighters, he busted out some killer stripper pole moves that even gained the attention (along with a few raised eyebrows) of the normally indifferent NY subway commuters.  I glared in the direction of Mr. Pavlov who shrugged [too quickly] in innocence.  He looked guilty to me.  I inquisitioned him and the lil’ pole stripper later only to discover that the guilty party was America’s Funniest Home Videos! 

Our Chinatown stop arrived and the subway striptease came to an abrupt end.  Chinatown is a unique world with sights, sounds and people that you just have to experience.  Whether a white rapist van filled with smoke and Jamaicans yelling “Ehh, blonde, blonde c’mere me want’ta tell you someting!” or the various animal parts hanging in shop windows, Chinatown is an auditory and visual trip! 

Thankfully, I had my camera hanging heavily on my neck and here are a few sights:

What in the Hoy is Wong??

Where's Loud Orange Hat Waldo in the crowd??

His NYC Indian Name: "Loud Orange Hat" (we bought that color for a reason) trying to strike up a conversation with a random man.



What critter can we eat???

Mr. Crab?

Take a guess

Older son "Whoa, wait a minute...what's this I see...GAMES?!?"

Feed us!!!!!

To a boy everything is a cool experiment

Yum, Hot soup - clears the nasal cavity!

If your aura is somewhat altered after all of these unusual sight and sounds then, believe it or not, Chinatown has just the fix.  Had it not been for Marianne, a blogging buddy of mine over at comedyoferrers.com I would not have had any idea about fixing your aura or what this next photo was for.  Thankfully, Marianne made this comment recently on my Only a Boy post:

There is a massage acupuncture thing called cupping where they put suction cups on your back to clear your aura of stuff. I tried to hide it from my husband and was unsuccessful. His question: How much did you pay for someone to do that?

When I saw this little gizmo staring back at me from a shop window, I immediately remembered Marianne’s comment and chuckled.

Hickey marks anyone?

 I considered purchasing Mr. Hickey maker but a few things stopped me:

  1. the visual image of my boys elatedly covered in self-inflicted hickeys
  2. my youngest proudly proclaiming that he gave these hickeys to himself with a suction “machine” that mommy bought in an [alley located] Asian shop
  3. the visit from Child and Youth Services

 The aura machine remained in the dirty window while we headed to the subway.  Tres played stripper again during the ride back to Manhattan but somehow, in light of everything we saw, it didn’t seem so bad.

Not in Kansas anymore

I officially HATE uploading the massive amounts of photos I seem to accumulate on trips.  It takes HOURS and I dread the process.  I am beyond ready to throw my computer across the floor right now but here is part one of our out of Kansas experience.

Packed and leaving "Kansas"

On our way out of our city we heard a loud roar and thought the sky was falling.  However we quickly realized it was just the medevac team transporting a critical patient. 

Pausing to watch the scene unfold

The kids immediately gained a position on higher ground and breathlessly watched the scene.

If you followed the Twitter trail then you are aware of the bus trip bathroom experience.  Little Tres had developed an intimate relationship with the bus bathroom.  Needless to say he eventually “pooped” out.

All Pooped out

 The ride into the city proved very educational and we found the NY bus advertisements to encourage those conversations a parent would rather have at a later date.

Tres "Why is he kissing a girl and holding a guy's hand and why does it say Get Tested?"

Once in the city the boys (big and small) had this initial reaction:

A little boy and his dog in a big city

The boys perfecting the tourist maneuver

If our neck craning reaction did not instantly prove the fact that we were tourists then fer’sure the subway ride did.  Why?  Well take look and tell me what you think gave us away:

Nice arm rest we have here....


Whew, line them up

Heave Ho, let me just DRAG this....

Luggage!  You guessed it.  A taxi would’ve been the more appropriate avenue of travel but when have we ever done the more appropriate thing?  Besides the kids loved the subway and the little guy was always pushing the ‘yellow line’ restriction.

Intrigued with the yellow line and pushing the boundaries

 We were all exhausted yet we could still marvel at the level of filth going on in NYC.  Interesting also was the intense (burn your eyes out) smell of urine in the subway.  These sights and smells proved amusing and kept us from doing fatigued face plants. 



I'm about to fall asleep...wait, look how dirty those windows are!



Fatigue blurry-eyeitis setting in

We ate, showered and hit the pillow top mattresses for some much-needed rest. The next day things seemed brighter.  We awoke to these views:

A sliver of country

That's a fact Dorthy, we're not in Kansas anymore!

A very small part of our navigation task at hand

We had rested and could now contemplate the journey.  Tres was even feeling better see:

In the middle making cross-eyed faces

Ready to take on the urban scene

 ….and I’m two seconds from hurling this computer to its death.  So with that uplifting outburst I’m going to complete my photo transferring torture at hand.

More NYC photos, stories and adventures to come your way soon IF my computer survives another day.

Got antibodies?

The 6 train that kept us on our NYC schedule

I am a tad off schedule lately.  Wow, that really sounds funny coming from let’s take each day as it rolls me, but it is true.  Actually I have been playing catch up since we missed our 6:55am departing bus out of NYC. I set my alarm for the correct time however it was that little AM/PM thing that messed me up.  The night owl that I am subconsciously related more with the PM side of things and subsequently that is where my alarm clock remained (4:30PM) while my body remained comfortably in bed stockpiling on some REM.  By the time I, the sole alarm setter, awoke it was too late.  We were bus toast. Thankfully we were able to get on the next bus, a 4:20pm bus, out of the city.  The late arrival home and 3AM bedtime was rough even for this veteran night dweller. We have been schedule constipated ever since. 

I do have cool photos a comin’ but I wanted to post something Mr. Pavlov said that was an eye opener. We set off for NYC with our easy-going, fresh faces smiling.  When we were bumped, shoved, or pushed we flowed with it.  When we were tackled for the last seat on the subway we didn’t fight back.  When our hands were forcefully booted from the subway pole (the pole that keeps your human parts from sprawling all over someone else) we scurried to find another. When our kids were roughly jostled by rushed NY’ers we caught them.  When our taxi was stolen taken we hailed another.  We exhibited Saint-like patience and kindness.

But then something happened the longer we stewed in this environment.  Our easy-going faces became distressfully determined. When bumped, shoved, or pushed we returned physical fire and threw in a warning hip check.  When we were tackled for the last seat on the subway we fought back.  When our hands were forcefully booted from the subway pole (the pole that keeps your human parts from sprawling all over someone else) we clenched them tighter and made the other rider scurry to find another. When our kids were roughly jostled by rushed NY’ers we glared and made cutting comments. When our taxi was stolen taken we angrily told the young taxi hijackers to find another.

 Patience and kindness who?

We could feel our attitude changing and our ugly coming on and before we knew it we almost mirrored the very behavior we disliked.  It was then that Mr. Pavlov shook his head and simply said “Man, this behavior is contagious!

Those powerful words woke us up from the contagious bad behavior spell and we stopped hip checking the elderly and gave them our subway seats once again.  While not fully immunized against behavioral diseases, our experience gave us the antibodies we require to recognize future invasion one contagious exposure at a time!

How have you dealt with ugly?  Got antibodies to share?