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Connect the dots: What your parents didn’t want you to know!


I grew up in the seventies and eighties.  The seventies were the era of my childhood and the eighties took me through the teen years.  Have you ever experienced something as a child that you always wondered about….something that didn’t really make sense even though the adults tried to give a feeble explanation?  And it wasn’t until much later when you were much older that connecting the dots became possible.

Yes?   No?  Not sure?  Let me give you an example.

I remember the seventies as a fun era.  The air was cleaner, the sun brighter, and the outdoors was our playground.  My family and I lived beside other family members.  This area has since been labeled as “the compound” and consisted of grandparents, an uncle, an aunt and two cousins.  We spent hours upon hours outside.  We made mud-pies, played hide-n-go-seek, walked in the woods, caught lightning bugs, ran through the sprinkler, and generally did not come inside unless forced against our will.  Those were the days of the seventies, the days of my youth.

During one of these days my cousin and brother discovered a rare find.   Along the side of the road they discovered a box of individually wrapped balloons.  These balloons were like no other.  Each packet was flat.  The latex inside was  rolled up but when unwrapped, it magically became elongated and contained a white powder substance.

The boys excitedly began to unwrap their treasure and blow up these cool new finds.  These unique balloons proved difficult to blow-up and tie off.  Thus, the boys asked for help from my Mom and Aunt.  When the adults saw these balloons they giggled nervously, immediately confiscated the box and remarked that they were special balloons for adults and not for kids to play with.  My brother and cousin stood confused and dejected with a still visible white powered ring imprinted around  their mouths.

I had always wondered about that incident and those “special adult balloons.”  The adults gave no further information and the balloons were never seen again.  It was not until much later when I came across one of those “special adult balloons” that I realized the treasure box my brother and cousin had discovered in the days of our youth was  a box of condoms!

And that’s how you connect the dots!

Implementing plan B on a beautiful day

The sun is in full blast.  The humidity is zilch (a rare occasion).  There is a nice breeze blowing.  Ahhh, it is a GORGEOUS day and I have all these plans that I’d like to do with the kids but, sigh, I am confined to my home.  You see, our A/C is on the blitz (again) and we have a repair appt. scheduled for the ridiculous FIVE (count ’em 1-2-3-4-5!) window of 8a-1p.  I was up bright and early in the hopes that the repair men would be a’knockin on my door at 8a sharp.  But BECAUSE I was up so early they chose not to come.  However, if I decided to sleep in then I guarantee you they would be on my door step at 7:45am wearing big smiles and I would have been forced to greet them with bed head, stinky breath and garbed in my PJ’s.  Isn’t that the way it always is????  Why???

But then I remembered that we had this guy…..

And my son did the honors of hooking him up…..

His younger brother was all excited – whining, begging and barking out orders for him to hurry so they could play in the h2o.  He wore his butt scratching pose which he does when he is in full command mode…..

C’mon hurry.  Pull it up more.  Move it over. A little more.  Faster!  You’re taking too long!

By the way he was issuing commands I though for sure he would be diving right in.  But then I noticed something…..he moved AWAY from the tiki man and got the “I don’t know about this” serious look on his face.

I better move back a little and give my commands from back here
Maybe, I really don’t want to get wet with turbo powered jet water….. 
His older brother was ready to rumble with the tiki and as he does with everything in life he did not hold back…..

This might hurt!




Time for this end!

Mama, give me a HUG!!!


OOOWWWW! You’d think I’d learn!!
While my older son was in full force seeing how many of his body orifices he could shoot with high powered H2O, the youngest was still….like this….
I just don’t know about this……it looks painful….someone could get hurt….it might be too cold….
Ultimately he decided that he felt more comfortably giving the orders from a dry, safe place behind his brother…..

Be careful.  Maybe you can tighten the hose a little….
And in case you are wondering where the female child in our family was during these activities well, wonder no more….

Chillin’ free of boys and water….ahhh life is good to me.