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All in a year

I am amazed at the difference a year can make in the lives of my little human beings.  Sometimes even in mine (if I’m not in an omigosh this phase is dragging funk).

Last summer you may remember this post where my youngest was apprehensive (and bordering the indications for therapeutic intervention) of our little Tiki Man water toy.

365 days later and wa-la…he discovered the pure joy of Mr. Tiki:

He was content with the quality time he and Mr. Tiki were having

Yes, this is safe but thanks for asking Mr. Tiki

Dancing the Tiki

Drinking the Tiki

Constipating the Tiki

Wait, this constipation is fun....let's put him in the grass and see just how much pressure I can create!

Until….he discovered the raw power he held in his hands….

I'm holding a weapon!

Let's kill some grass

But grass killing is boRRRING!

It all began with this look

And there was not a sibling in sight to “bond” with.  Well, not a human sibling anyway.  He did spot a sibling of sorts. And off he went.

C'mere my sibling!

And our fur child entered into some forced bonding time with the Tiki possessed being.


I know I'm a water loving Lab but this is grounds for animal cruelty!!

See, sometimes I am just too engrossed in my footage that I forget to intervene.  Happens. all. the. time.

Eventually I came to my senses and called off the Tiki weapon wielding child.  It was this intervention that brought the realization of my interactable human status into the equation. Before this, I was just a camera holding prop.

But no longer…




I believe you can even see the splatter on my lens with that one. After he was content with the status of my saturation he went on to the enivitable.  In fact, being a boy, I was surprised that this was not the FIRST and possible ONLY activity he engaged in with Mr. Tiki.

Mr. Tiki, the appendage

Then in true boy fashion he turned proudly to face all of creation (who, after watching what happened to our Lab, screamed and hid in horror).

Look out world. Here my appendage and I come!

I can’t wait to see what happens next year.  Or, maybe I can!

Soap and water will break that itch cycle.

I’d be safe to say that we have all encountered dirty people…filthy people with grease and odor galore.  I’m talking about your common, everyday, normal, average people.  Not the mentally ill, homeless, or physically ill.  After having my nose hairs singed by one such common Joe, I became intrigued as to what causes the tendency towards filth.  Do these people know they are dirty or is this their version of normal?  Are they like Linus on Charlie Brown who enjoyed his state of disgusting? 

We don’t live in a third world country.  We live in America where running water is plentiful.  The majority of us are not homeless so we have access to showers and soap and our sense of smell is most likely intact enabling us to sniff out that ‘not so fresh – time to shower’ odor.   But uncleanliness still prevails???  I just don’t get it.  There is NO excuse, in my clean opinion.

So for those of you out there who are curious of where you stand on the whiff-o-meter, are teetering on the verge of being called Linus or just want some brief reassurance here goes.

You might be a DIRTBALL if: (feel free to add to this – these are just a few that I quickly threw out)

  • you attract more insects, dogs and wild animals than humans
  • You think running water is an Indian name
  • you have an accumulation of lint, debris and crud in the folds under your neck or other areas of your body
  • You think deodorant is not necessary OR…
  •  …that deodorant may take the place of bathing and the more white layers, the better
  • You believe there is nothing disgusting about the dirt accumulation under your nails
  • you cause the facial orifices (eyes and nostrils in particular) of those around you to water profusely
  • you notice that people tend to create a cosmos of distance between you and them
  • You like to smell “natural” and you believe that bathing destroys the o’naturale odor
  • You can fuel candles with the build-up of substance in your ears
  • You thought “body wash” was a service offered by the mechanic for your car
  • You often get asked if your hair is wet when really it hasn’t seen water for weeks
  • You publicly pick and dig in places that should be tended to in the shower
  •  You notice those around you tend to hold their breath
  • You think the stains on your sheets add a vintage-like character
  • There is always an empty seat or a hundred empty seats next to you
  • You think hand washing is for the obsessive-compulsive people and find nothing wrong with using those unwashed hands to eat after just going to the bathroom
  • You often hear “what’s that smell?”
  • You fail to bathe daily and feel that once a week or less is fine
  • You think the plaque accumulation on your teeth is fortifying
  • You frequently itch and are not embarrassed to scratch your itch

Here’s an idea:  SOAP and WATER will BREAK that itch cycle!!!

Jock sand:a common beach side effect

I do have other children this, I know.   But the oldest insists on editing my every photography moment or covers her face or turns her back (hence all the back shots of the child!)  The second is a willing specimen when he is around but again it is like pulling teeth to get some shots.  But the baby, ah the baby….he is still attached via his umbilical cord.  I promise I wear that child 90% of the day.  I trip over him, I bump into him and I don’t even think about doing a quick turn or I will send him flying across the room.  He closely follows me everywhere.  I have to insist on privacy in the bathroom which works about 1/4 of the time.  So when it comes to pictures or stories I have a ton to share of him because he is fused to my very being.

As many of you know, he is a character.  While on the beach in Canada he enjoyed rolling in the waves.  The waves were strong and knocked him on his backside more times than I could count.  Often I just saw a tuff of black hair mixed in with the bubbles and knew he was goning to be delivered on the beach soon.  The event from start to finish looked something like this….


Now repeat this over and over a gazillion times and that was his beach experience.  Common sense and personal experience will tell you that sand is bound to enter sensitive areas from all of that rolling around.  I began to wonder to myself how his jock area was holding up but quickly dismissed the idea….until he approached me wearing this expression….

….and loudly proclaiming “I have sand in my weinis!”  Yes, I’m capitalizing on these moments while they last.  Faces and memories like this one almost make up for the lack of privacy.  And the next time he barges in on my bathroom time I will simply smile as I think about adding this photo to the childhood section of his wedding video 🙂

Let all creation praise!

We recently visited Canada and a lake house.  It was grand.  Looking out over creation I suddenly realized yet again what a magnificent creator we have.           
At his spoken word a boundary was set between earth and water…
between day and night…          
between human and creatures.             
Yet, no boundary was placed upon His love which he daily pours out on us…                                        
as He patiently waits for us to aknowledge His presence.                                         
Sometimes we have to get out of the boat and it may be uncomfortable…                                
but we are never without His light…                
and under His wings we will find refuge.                                          
Our God is an awesome God, majestic in all his ways!!

Implementing plan B on a beautiful day

The sun is in full blast.  The humidity is zilch (a rare occasion).  There is a nice breeze blowing.  Ahhh, it is a GORGEOUS day and I have all these plans that I’d like to do with the kids but, sigh, I am confined to my home.  You see, our A/C is on the blitz (again) and we have a repair appt. scheduled for the ridiculous FIVE (count ’em 1-2-3-4-5!) window of 8a-1p.  I was up bright and early in the hopes that the repair men would be a’knockin on my door at 8a sharp.  But BECAUSE I was up so early they chose not to come.  However, if I decided to sleep in then I guarantee you they would be on my door step at 7:45am wearing big smiles and I would have been forced to greet them with bed head, stinky breath and garbed in my PJ’s.  Isn’t that the way it always is????  Why???

But then I remembered that we had this guy…..

And my son did the honors of hooking him up…..

His younger brother was all excited – whining, begging and barking out orders for him to hurry so they could play in the h2o.  He wore his butt scratching pose which he does when he is in full command mode…..

C’mon hurry.  Pull it up more.  Move it over. A little more.  Faster!  You’re taking too long!

By the way he was issuing commands I though for sure he would be diving right in.  But then I noticed something…..he moved AWAY from the tiki man and got the “I don’t know about this” serious look on his face.

I better move back a little and give my commands from back here
Maybe, I really don’t want to get wet with turbo powered jet water….. 
His older brother was ready to rumble with the tiki and as he does with everything in life he did not hold back…..

This might hurt!




Time for this end!

Mama, give me a HUG!!!


OOOWWWW! You’d think I’d learn!!
While my older son was in full force seeing how many of his body orifices he could shoot with high powered H2O, the youngest was still….like this….
I just don’t know about this……it looks painful….someone could get hurt….it might be too cold….
Ultimately he decided that he felt more comfortably giving the orders from a dry, safe place behind his brother…..

Be careful.  Maybe you can tighten the hose a little….
And in case you are wondering where the female child in our family was during these activities well, wonder no more….

Chillin’ free of boys and water….ahhh life is good to me.